Direct Billing to your account












Please read the following information ; 

We will submit the bill on your behalf to the insurance portal if we can. The reimbursement will be sent to your account and you will need to pay the full amount up front at our clinic. Please be advised that we can only submit on your behalf to insurance companies that we have the billing portal for. For others that we do not, we will provide you with a receipt for you to submit manually. 


Please always come prepared to pay for your treatment in case the insurance claim is denied, your coverage has reached its maximum benefit amount, you have a co-pay or there is a problem with the billing portal.

Talk to your H.R. department at your place of employment to find out if you have a co-pay or deductible so that you are not caught unprepared.


Direct Billing is a Courtesy, not a Right:

We have chosen to offer billing on your behalf to our clients as a courtesy to make your life easier.

It takes significantly more effort due to tracking, paperwork, and time on the part of your RMTs and admin staff to provide this service for you. Please always remember that Direct Billing is a privilege, not a right.

There will be times when direct billing is not possible due to system errors, provider server downtime, or host failures - all outside of our control. You are expected to pay for treatment in these cases and you can submit your receipt to insurance manually.

We reserve the right to decline to direct bill at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions...

1) Is Thai massage covered by my Health Care Plan? Do you have RMTs?

Yes, and yes! Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) have taken completed massage therapy training and completed additional courses in Traditional Thai massage. Please be sure to specify an appointment with a Registered Massage Therapist at the time of booking.


2) Is Thai massage advisable for the elderly?

Thai massage is wonderful for elderly people and for those managing different abilities. In fact, the lack of mobility is one of the leading causes of age-related muscular deterioration. Thai massage takes muscles and joints through their full ranges of motion. This means clients can enjoy the benefits of yoga – from opening tight joints to deep relaxation – by having their bodies safely moved passively through yoga-like poses.


3) Is Thai massage good during pregnancy or for post-natal treatment?

Traditional Thai massage is not recommended for pregnant women or for post-natal treatment. We do offer pre-natal massage (after 12 weeks of pregnancy) and post-natal massage (starting four weeks after birth). These treatments can help to relieve muscle aches and joint pain and help with recovery. Thai massage is available as a post-natal treatment starting from 6 months after the birth of your baby.


4) What should I expect when I get to your Clinic?

We supply loose clothing for your treatment (Thai Pajamas) or you may choose to wear your own comfortable clothing. Once in the treatment room, the traditional Thai massage is performed fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Your therapist will use gentle pressure and guide your body through a series of healing stretches.


5) I have allergies. What kind of ingredients do you use?

We know that allergies and sensitivities are a concern for many people. We use only the finest ingredients in our products:

Massage Oil: Our massage oil contains high-quality, organic coconut oil and lotion, along with organic essential oils, including our signature Lavender oil.

Luk Pra Kob (hot stem “Herbal Ball”): these herbal balls are filled with dried herbs such as Plai, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Kaffir lime peel and leaves, camphor, and tamarind leaves. These herbs are wrapped in cotton and applied topically for detoxification and inflammation, as well as for treating pain, dry skin, and improving skin complexion


6) Can I buy gift cards?

Absolutely! The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of health and relaxation. You can buy gift cards online or at our front desk. Our gift cards have no expiry date and are even transferable!


7) Do you offer direct billing?

No. Some insurance we can submit the invoice on your behalf, some we can't do, and if we can we will directly bill to your bank account. Please provide your information to the front desk for direct billing. In some cases, direct billing may not be available (i.e. system errors, provider server downtime, or host failures). In these cases, please be prepared to pay for your treatment and we will provide you with a receipt to submit your claim manually. We reserve the right to decline to direct bill at any time. Please note that massage and acupuncture services are designated under paramedical services.

We submit the bill on your behalf to the following insurance companies to ensure you get reimbursed, but you will need to pay upfront.

  • Alberta Blue Cross

  • BPA-Benefit Plan 

  • Canada Life 

  • Candian Construction Workers 

  • Chambers of Commerce Groups 


  • Claim Secure 

  • Cowan

  • D.A Townley

  • Desjardins Insurance 

  • First Canadian 

  • GMS Carrier 49

  • GMS Carrier 50

  • Group Health 

  • GroupSource

  • Industrial Alliance 

  • Johnson Inc. 

  • Johnson Group Inc 

  • LiUNA Local 183

  • LiUNA Local 506

  • Manion 

  • Maximum Benefit 

  • RWAM Insurance Administrators 

  • Telus AdjudicCare 

  • Union Benefits 

8) Can you submit the invoice for Manual Osteopathy Benefits for clients?

Unfortunately, No. Currently CMMOTA Manual Osteopathic Therapists are recognized by the following insurance companies, and this list continues to grow as our membership base grows:

  • Alberta Blue Cross

  • Canada Benefit Providers

  • Chamber of Commerce Insurance


  • ClaimSecure

  • ClaimXchange

  • Desjardin Insurance

  • Equitable Life

  • Group Medical Services (GMS)

  • Johnston Group

  • Manitoba Blue Cross

  • Maximum Benefits

  • NexGenRX

  • Pacific Blue Cross

  • Saskatchewan Blue Cross

  • The Co-Operators.


8) Can you tell me how much coverage I have?

Unfortunately, no. Insurance companies keep that information confidential due to the Privacy Act. You can, however, easily check that information yourself by calling your insurance company, checking their website, or by asking your employer. We can track the amount billed to the insurance company to give you an idea of when your limits will be reached.


9) Do you take MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) clients?

Yes. We accept MVA (motor vehicle accident) clients only after you have seen a chiropractor or physiotherapist fill out an AB-1 form. You will then be approved for a certain number of treatments. Please note you will need to pay for treatments directly and submit your receipt to your insurance company manually.


10) What information do I need to bring to the clinic?

On your first visit, we will need an ID with your date of birth and your prescription/insurance card, which will have your ID number, group number, and section number on it. It is also helpful if you know what percentage of your treatments are covered, and your maximum yearly allowance. This can help us remind you when you are running out of coverage.


11) I have two insurance plans. How does that work?

Many people are covered under more than one insurance plan, usually because his or her spouse has a separate insurance plan. The insurance plan under which you are the INSURED MEMBER is your primary plan. If you are not the insured member on another plan, then that is considered your secondary plan. We only bill one insurance company at a time. However, we can provide a receipt for the remaining amounts for you to submit to your secondary plan.


12) My spouse/child does not like to get massages, but they are under my benefit plan. Can I use their name after I ran out of my benefits?

No! This is considered insurance fraud and is illegal.


13) Can you charge my insurance extra so that I do not have to pay anything out of pocket?

No. We cannot overcharge the insurance company. Again, this is insurance fraud, and illegal.


14) My insurance requires a prescription to get treatment, but I do not have one yet. Can you put my claim through, and I will get the prescription later?

No. If you require a doctor’s prescription to access massage therapy benefits, it needs to be prescribed before, or on the date of treatment for your insurance company to approve your claim.


15) Since you are an RMT and work in a spa, can you bill my facial as a massage treatment? I do not use all my massage coverage anyway.

No. RMT’s cannot misrepresent a treatment on a receipt. Even if the RMT is also an esthetician since this modality is outside of the scope of practice for massage therapy.


16) I will not use all of my insurance coverage this year. I have enough money left on my insurance for two more treatments. Can you put those through now and I will use up the money in the new year?

No. Pre-paid appointments are not billable to insurance companies. They will only accept receipts for treatments that have occurred. The date on the receipt needs to be the same date that the client received a message.


17) I would like to give you a tip. Can you add it to my massage amount and put it through my insurance?

Thank you for the compliment, but insurance companies do not cover tips! The best tip you can give your RMT is a recommendation to a new client!